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Master Plans
  • Oxbow Commons
    Napa, California
  • Oxbow Preserve
    Napa, California
  • Bernardus Lodge
    Project Management of Planning, Engineering, Design and Construction of 57 Room Luxury Resort and Spa, Carmel Valley, California
  • Central Park
    Historic and Circulation Master Plans for One Mile Length of the Park's Western Edge, New York, New York
  • Forest Park
    Master Plan for the Park, Redesign of the Lake and Waterway System, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Colco Corporation
    Red Rocks Center, Master Landscape Concept, Lakewood, Colorado
  • Far Niente
    10 Acre Grounds, Oakville, California
  • Long Family Ranch
    Viewshed Analysis, Viewshed Impact Mitigation Guidelines, Napa Valley, California
  • Esther Deaver Park
    Napa, California
  • Eliza Yount Mansion Planned Development
    Site Master Planning, New Guest Cottages, Pool, Historical Analysis, Discretionary Permitting, Preservation Architects, Napa, California
  • Oxbow School Planned Development
    Landscape Design Team, Preservation Architects, Discretionary Permitting, Outdoor Dining Area, Napa, California
  • Delaware Park
    Buffalo, New York
  • Interim Park
    Greenwich Village Interim Waterfront Park, New York, New York
  • Piedmont Park Sewage Treatment Plant
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Presidential Parkway
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Oxbow School
    Napa, California
  • Cragmont Elementary School
    Berkeley, California
  • American Museum Of Natural History
    New York, New York

Greenway/Trail Design
  • Bay Area Ridge Trail
    Napa County, California
  • Brooklyn-Queens Greenway
    Brooklyn, New York
  • Bronx Greenway
    Bronx, New York